Cheese is one of those things that people either appreciate or don’t. I appreciate cheese. Not only stinky cheese or exotic cheese or cheese that you’re supposed to let sit in your mouth while you take a sip of wine, but all cheeses. From the creamy chaource that I bough last night to the Kraft shredded cheddar that Maya brought back from New York as a special gift.

Paris has a lot of cheese. There is usually a special aisle in the grocery store especially for cheese and it’s variants (yogurt, crème fraiche, etc.) and the varieties are endless. This week there was a market outside my apartment that had a few stands. I didnt buy anything because the markets here are expensive and you can get things just as good at the grocery store. So last night I chose to get some chaource because I had a craving for a nutty, slightly salty mushroom-type cheese. So on my way home, bought some from Monoprix. And it was only €2.87 ($4.20). This is much much less than it would have been at the market, or than it is in New York, where it starts at $7 at gourment shops and can be as expensive as $22 at specialty cheese shops!

*Chaource is made in a town of the same name in the Champagne region of France. It’s made according to AOC regulations. This insures that products with the AOC ‘stamp’ are made only in appointed regoins and in turn preserves traditional production processes. For chaource, these processes go back to the Middle Ages.