Rebecca and I saw The Retributionists at Playwrights Horizon.  As I approached the seat reserved for me, I noticed a woman’s bag on it.  I asked the woman in the adjacent seat if that was her stuff, and if so could she move it.  She replied with far too many words.  I couldn’t hear her, but I got the drift, some sort of sarcastic comment was being made.  I felt lucky to not be able to hear her, that way limited time wasted thinking about how mean/inappropriate she was being.

After I sat down, I looked over my shoulder and immediately spotted Matthew and Jessica.  I pointed them out to Rebecca.  The woman next to made very dramatic ducking down gestures as if I were threatening to hit her.  “Are you okay?” I asked.  She replied something about my hand being in her face.  Again, I didn’t catch the whole thing.  Again I was grateful.

We watched the play which pleased me.  Funny although a bit heavy-handed at times. During intermission the people on the other side of the strange woman asked if she would watch their stuff while they went to the restroom.  She basically said no.  Rebecca and I left the play without further interaction with the woman, escaping into the night, and I to my popcorn and dvd of The Reader.20090914_margarita_250x375