French people buy baguettes every day. I used to do this when I first got here, then I realized that it made me fat. So I stopped.

The problem is that whenever I have visitors, they slide right back into the routine, buying a baguette every day. A nice, soft on the inside, crispy on the outside melt in your mouth baguette. (I’ve noticed that baguettes taste like butter when you’re really hungry. Has anyone else noticed this?) Anyway, it’s like even if they’re not familiar with the French culture of “a baguette a day keeps the doctor away”, the baguette finds its way into their hands and, inevitably, my stomach.

My mother is here visiting now, and there is always a fresh baguette in the kitchen.

I’ve also noticed that baguettes and children seem to go together. After 3pm, every adult who is walking with a child under the age of 10 has a baguette and the child is either sucking on it (ew) or nawing on a pulled-off chunk. I once saw a man pull off the butt of his baguette and give it to a stranger’s crying child. The mother thanked him and the child stuck the baguette hunk into it’s drooling mouth and instantly stopped crying. Hmmmm…baguette also = teething ring. But maybe baugettes are just magic?