Yesterday I saw Normandy for the first time. Yes, there are cows. Yes, there are churches. There is also, of course, rain…but luckily I didn’t see any, thank goodness!

While there, we went to Monet’s garden in Girviny. It was absolutely breathtaking. And it wasn’t even in FULL bloom. I learned at the garden that “nymphéas” means waterlilly in French. There are a lot of affordable B&Bs in Girviny. We saw one that was 60 euros/night for two people. Looked pretty clean, too. And you can’t beat the surroundings!

There were a lot of interesting doors and windows in Girviny. Check out two below.Image131


Our last stop in Normandy was Rouen, where I was able to buy some lovely smelling homemade soaps at a store called La Ronde des Savons. The town is quite beautiful and there are a lot of very old churches that date back to Medieval times.

Rouen is also where Jeanne d’Arc was burned at the stake. Now there is a modern church right where the fish market is and the square is populated by tweekers and homeless dogs. Jeanne wouldn’t be happy about that, I’m sure.