As our Parisian correspondent has noted, it’s really really easy to fall into the French routine of baguette and cheese.  In my case I was buying a baguette and two pastries every day.  When I returned to New York, I realized my New York equivalent is Pirate’s Booty, Terra Chips, Pop Chips and Cape Cod.  These are all pretty gross items.  My favorite time to eat them is on my walk home from work.

I was stopping at a bodega between 27th and 28th on 6th where they had a Pirate’s Booty, 2 for $2.  Since Pirate’s booty alone costs 1.50 and up, I thought this was a great deal.  The height of my Pirate’s Booty consumption was when I would go from work to the Borders Penn Station, feeling stressed and hungry.  I’d eat one bag before I got to Borders then start the second bag in Borders.

pirate's booty

At the time I was adhering faithfully to Weight Watchers so I actually determined that Pirate’s Booty, although not healthy, was in fact, one of the healthiest chip/popcorn packages you could buy.

The difficulty with Pirate’s Booty is that it seems like neither popcorn nor chip, it has fuzzy stuff that gets all over your fingers and it kind of feels like softy cheesy air, not like food.

TERRATerra Chips and I had a brief romance.  Terra Chips aren’t easy to find in this city.  They come in really small bags.  They’re like vegetable potato chips and have more flavor than Pirate’s Booty.  I got my Terra Chips on 9th avenue, around 37th St.  I’d stay on 9th avenue longer than I like, since it is really busy after work and the sidewalk is narrow.  People are eager to get to Port Authority.  Anyway, they’re totally yuppie and I feel pathetic eating them.  Yesterday I had two bags of Terra Chips.  All my eating habits have been thrown off by my weird respite in Paris.

I got Pop Chips from the bodega on 10th and 28th, on the west side of the street.  It is always quiet at that store and I really feel relaxed in it.  Unfortunately their chip selection sucks.  Pop Chips recently came out.  They taste okay but they still feel too yuppie and I avoid them.28th

Now, on 10th and 43 (possibly 44), there is a great deal.  A larger than usual cape cod bag for $1.  I only get these when I’m desperate though because by that time I’m so close to home, that I might as well just hold out for my curry powder popcorn.  Yesterday though, I don’t know what got into me.  I had two Terra Chip bags then still felt compelled to get Cape Cod potato chips.  Maybe I feel the need to reintegrate into my neighborhood, establish myself once more as a New York consumer.  I went into the story and bought the Cape Cod potato chips even though they didn’t even have normal flavored ones.  I got garlic and parmesan flavored.  Now garlic, fine.  I don’t think there’s anything that can be ruined by more garlic.  Parmesan I was rightfully more scared of.  The parmesan ended up being kind of nasty.  The Cape Cod flavor is fine on its own.  I do not recommend these chips.