Yesterday I took the subway in from Manhattan to Williamsburg then out from Williamsburg to Manhattan.  I don’t take the subway that that frequently, and when I do I really enjoy getting a close up view of my fellow New Yorkers, especially the drunk ones.

Last night my friend Shayla and I took the C to 14th St.  I’ve never had to wait long for the C going downtown on Saturday night.  I also was able to pay for my metrocard with my transitcheck without a problem.  What a blessed journey.  When we hit 14th street, we transferred to the L.  The L cars are always new ad bright and perfect for people watching although those bright lights really do expose people’s wrinkles.

We got out of the L and amazingly made it to our location without getting lost.  Shayla left early, and I took the subway back myself.  I had great subway luck and I got back home within 35 minutes.  On the way back from Williamsburg, usually it takes forever for the ACE to stop at 14th St.  Not this time.

There will probably be more eventful posts than this one in the future.