Oleanna1 Tonight I saw Oleanna, a David Mamet play.  It was enthralling.  It’s a two person play where a student accuses a professor of sexual harassment.  It balances the personal and political very well, and even though there were some moments where I felt the student verged on caricature, it really redeemed itself by just being thrilling and thought-provoking.  It made me think a lot about the way men and women interact and,although the image to the side is not from the production I saw, it is towards the end and was definitely a good emblematic image of what was going on in the play.

Afterwards there was a discussion about the play.   There were three people on the stage.  One was a charming radio talk show host, fifties, a grande dame of the theater, seventies, and a former broadcast journalist, very blonde.  The grande dame was really withering in some of her responses to questions, “What a STRANGE question.  Why would you ask something like that?” The talk show host was funny and the blonde journalist kept things moving along.  I was surprised by how liberal the crowd’s reaction was, although as my companion said, I really shouldn’t have been, since I was in New York.  I thought they would be universally condemning the Julia Stiles character.

Afterwards we went to House of Brews.  This is the fourth time I’ve been to House of Brews.  For whatever reason I really like it.  I had a sip of a chocolate flavored beer, had my own pinot noir and then hummus and pita which ended up being free.