The man next door has an electric drill. He only uses it between 7:30am and 7:50am. I’m not sure what he’s doing (there is also hammering at this time), but I’m convinced he does it just to wake me up and hour and a half before necessary.

This morning I got up and entered the hallway, determined to verify that it was indeed him making the noise. I even double checked on the 2nd floor to make sure that it wasn’t them. But I’m pretty sure he’s the culprit. Unfortunately, he didn’t make any noise when I was up and dressed and in the hallway. It was only after I’d gotten back into bed that he started again. I’m considering knocking on both neighbor’s doors and asking them if they are the ones with the electric drill and if so, could they please start an hour later. 7:30am is just an indecent time to be drilling RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD.

This is the problem living in an apartment building. You are very close to people don’t know. People who like to use their electric drills at all hours. In a house, you might get the occasional 9am lawn mowing, but it’s not at all the same. I’ve also perfected the art of sleeping through a lawn mowing in the distance, but the metal-on-metal electric drill above my head is much harder to sleep through.

Today’s forecast: no idea, but it’s raining outside…that makes 2 days in a row