Paris is a city of  2 million people and there are 10 million people in the surrounding suburban area. There are less people in New York City (1.5 million in Manhattan and 8.3 in the 5 boroughs combined). So, I can easily say that Paris is about 1/4 bigger than Manhattan in terms of population. . . Manhattan is about 3/4 the size of Paris.

Regardless of all this, what are the chances, in a city of over a million people,  that you’ll see the same person twice? Slim, I would think. But I am starting to see people twice. Not those people that I see every day at the grocery store, or walking their dogs, or on the metro at the same time as me…but random people in random places. I’m starting to wonder if I’m hallucinating, or if I’m really seeing the same people. . . For example, today I saw a guy at a café with a girl near Nation. I could have sworn I saw the same guy on the #4 métro near Barbès two months ago. I remember him because he looked scruffy and his friend didn’t and they were discussing Barak Obama and American politics.

But I’m starting to doubt myself. Why? Because I also thought I saw my father next to the Russian café up the block and, upon closer examination, realized it wasn’t him. Not because it didnt look like him, but because it was impossible because he lives in New Jersey and there was no way he was in Paris.

Are all the faces I see starting to mush together? Maybe the more faces I see, the easier it is for me to find similarities between them. Or the harder it is for me to see the differences.

Tonight’s forecast: rain. i can see the lightening now!