I’m beginning a week long series on the Blog. The subject is going to be people I have unspoken relationships with in New York. Most people profiled will probably be people working at places where I buy stuff. My favorite place to get food from is Queen of Sheba. I get vegetable mesob takeout from there at least once a month. It’s an Ethiopian restaurant. I actually don’t like sitting down in the restaurant too much. First, if I’m sitting down, I’m usually diverted from putting my full attention on the food. Like Anika in the Retributionists, I really like to savor my food. If I’m talking or attempting to listen, my appreciation of the food goes by the way side. I’ve eaten there with like everyone I know.

I’ve had many sit-down dinners at Queen of Sheba, maybe even from before I moved into the neighborhood, but I’ve taken out a hundred times as much. And another reason Queen of Sheba is not fun to eat at is the service. The waitresses don’t smile, are very quiet, not very quick.

I don’t really care much about service although I am pleased when it is quick.But I had to link these two paragraphs together. The point is the waitresses are not really vivacious and smiley. There is only one who is, she is taller and thinner than the rest and she is always pleasant. She also is often sitting outside the restaurant and smoking or talking to someone else who works at the restaurant. If she’s doing this and walking home, we will smile and acknowledge one another. Most of the Queen of Sheba waitresses act as if they’re meeting me for the first time whenever I walk into the restaurant.

I’d like to say she makes my day happier, but it’s almost at this point one of those relationships where I feel a little strange about not actually knowing her (and vice versa.)