So there’s this very cute guy who works at the library. Once I was taking out Junot Diaz’ novel, THE BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO and the guy informed me that he was reading that, even though he doesn’t like to read. He’s Dominican and someone else recommended to him.

We have had other brief interactions. He’s a friendly guy, short hair cut and a great sly smile. Once I was reading up on the 1920s because I was writing a novel (SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELLING PANTS…in 1920s New York! Still would like to write this by the research was killer) and he noted that I must be “interested in the history of New York.” When I come up to the counter, we never have a pretense that he doesn’t know who I am yet at the same time, we never really continue or develop the relationship in any way.

I questioned him about whether he finished OSCAR WAO and he said no. After reading OSCAR, it made it hard not to view his friendliness with some suspicion. But he’s still cool in my book. Definitely one of my favorite random relationships.columbus