The sun is shinning! I think we’re going for a record here, because it’s been this way most of the afternoon. Well, I can’t testify for the 2 hours when I was napping, but from about 2pm until now, 5pm, the sun had been shinning its lovely rays on the streets of Paris. Well, my patio at least.

The best thing about my apartment is the balcony. The apartment isn’t big–it’s a studio, but the patio makes is seem so much bigger. The patio is really what saves the apartment. It’s about 1/2 the size of the main room, which is plenty in a city where most people don’t have the luxury of a going outside and having enough room to do things like jump rope, host a dinner party, or relax with a cup of coffee and watch the two neighborhood cats attack the large chicken-like birds that hang out on the ventilation structure. I always forget the name of those birds.

In any case, the sun is now shinning on my patio, and into the apartment. No need to lament about not having a SAD lamp today. Cheers to outdoor, naturally lit living space in the city!