So one of my favorite random people is the corner store counter guy who I think has a slight crush on me.  He is warm and affable in a way that seems tender and not-flirty.  When I first started going to the corner store, he seemed kind of young, like possibly late teens/early twenties.  Now he seems mid-twenties.  He’s plump and deals with the register swiftly.  Apparently the corner store at each of the street are owned by the same people and they all live above one of the stores.  The one he works at is on 10th avenue and as stores go, I feel like it doesn’t see a lot of action.  Whenever I’m in there, some person is pushing a stroller inside or through narrow aisles.  Pirate’s Booty is cheap and sometimes I get the small thing of Hagen-Daaz, although that’s recently gone up in price.