So I had to go to Whole Foods in Chelsea to stock up for my potluck. I’m okay with Whole Foods. Sometimes it’s a little too bright, but for the most part, I’m cool with their unique selection. The one in Chelsea seems particularly navigable. I got my basket and went right up to some deli bar where they have prepared foods. This was my first time going to that bar—where someone serves you, not those buffet lines where you serve yourself. A lady, late thirties, was there ahead of me, talking to the lady behind the counter. Late Thirties assured the woman behind the counter she was in “no rush.” “If only al the customers were like you,” the woman behind the counter said. Late Thirties laughed and then later said something about having to prepare a meal for kids. I was really surprised to be standing alongside a friendly, normal customer. Usually lines are good places to mock really stressed people who are acting out in strange ways. Anyway I made my really good selections, relieved that I wouldn’t have to cook. Cooking, cleaning and working are all things standing in the way of my real life. I bought my stuff then headed back to the apartment, buying a Kiwi Pear Diet Snapple along the way. It was a gorgeous day and in the end all I had to make was tomato sauce which was easy even for me.