Last night I came home starving (as usual.)  I also came home feeling elated to be out (also usual.)  My friend came over and announced she was going to order sushi.  I had already selected pasta since meals out are currently not in my budget.  But knowing she was going to order from Planet Thailand which has the supreme sushi dish, a Tiger Roll, I couldn’t resist by add my order in.  I got a Tiger Roll.  In the mean time we chatted and I heated up some water intending to boil pasta for lunch.  I decided to forgo the sauce despite there being a housekeeper to clean up after me.

While waiting for the sushi I was still very hungry and had two pieces of sourdough-tasting bread that someone bought to my potluck.  Still hungry, I had about a cup of  mushroom barley soup the owners left behind in their fridge.  The sushi came.  At this point the water had just started boiling.  F it, I thought.  I still have left over roast chicken I can eat tomorrow at lunch.  I stopped the pasta boiling project and went upstairs with Tilly and we put on Top Chef.

I still have problems watching Top Chef.  I mean I want to be a judge, not a viewer.  I finished eating my Tiger Roll (tuna, salmon, avocado and some other stuff.)  I had my ginger and then started diluting the wasabie with lemon juice.  I had tiny bits of wasabi and eventually finished it.  Then I reheated the mushroom barley soup from Whole Foods and finished it.  Then I had Tilly’s ginger.  In between I had bits and pieces of a big cookie Jonathan had brought over with his cupcakes.

At last, I was full.  I took the cat upstairs, chatted on the phone and went to sleep.  This morning I woke up, made coffee and had more of the Whole Foods bread.