This school year I stopped teaching for the business English language school I was working for and decided to just take private students. The money is much better,  I can control the schedule and teach when I want, and I don’t have to deal with stressed-out irritated businessmen or an annoying admin staff.

Now most of my clients are between the ages of 4 and 14, so when I want new ones, I hang up posters in places they frequent: the pool, schools, parks…

This morning I set out to hang up some new flyers around the neighborhood. I thought the elementary school and  community center around the corner were a good start.

As I approached the community center, a white poster that had a big “A” on it caught my eye. I couldn’t see what it said from where I was, but I got a bad feeling. Sure enough, as I got closer I could see that someone had printed a poster that said “ANGLAIS” on it. Someone had infringed on my turf, 3 minutes from my apartment, and hung up a poster advertising English lessons in front of MY community center. I was so angry I wanted to tear it down. But I didn’t. I just hung up mine 10 feet further down the road, where the parental traffic was likely to be.

I left, trying not to think about my bad luck and timing (the poster had not been there a few weeks ago), when I saw yet another “ANGLAIS” poster at the entrance to the park. This one had two little pieces torn off. Two people had taken some little “mini” flyers with the teacher’s number printed on it.

I left, trying not to let my jealousy get the best of me. Luckily, when I reached the elementary school, there were no “ANGLAIS” flyers. I found a good spot and scotch taped my bright orange notice a few meters from the school entrance. On Saturday I’m hanging some up in the 16th arr., where I hope this person hasn’t already advertised.