I wanted to write a post about how much I like coffee.  The aroma, the taste, the fact that you can sweeten and milken it up in an instant.  Learning how to use a coffee machine was a very important life skill for me.  Here are some of my experiences drinking coffee in New York.

1–I used to get an iced coffee from across the street every day during the summer (at a deli.)  One day the owner mistakenly heard something I said to him and got angry at me.  He never made my iced coffee after that which was too bad because he knew to load it up with sugar and milk.  Now that I budget though iced coffee is a ridiculous luxury I avoid.  If I end up having it one day, I inevitably have it for like the next four days.  Of course now it’s impossible to imagine wanting a cold coffee.

2-Lattes.  2 years ago I went through a phase where I got really into getting lattes from Starbucks.  Talk about a waste of money…yet.  Lattes fulfilled my need to just have a cup of warm milk.  Sometimes the barista would burn the milk or worse, put in skim, and the whole thing would suck.

3–Coffee from cafes in the village.  Village cafes are tricky because they are usually small and that means everyone can hear my conversation.  Because I live pretty far from the Village I end up trekking quite a distance for the privilege of of sitting in cramped quarters.  When I say Village, I just mean everything south of the forties I think.  Because I’d like to include 72 Irving, this really hip place on Irving Place.  But it might be 71 Irving.

4–Coffee from diners.  My favorite place to get coffee!  Unlimited refills until I’m ready to brim over with the bean.  I feel comfortable and loved at diners despite never being able to eat exactly what I want…like french toast.

5–Coffee at home.  I drink instant.  Despite my fondness for coffee, I am not a coffee snob.  I bought powdered coffeemate recently which has worked out great.