Yesterday I went to Grand Central.  I like making this trip because it reminds me of home and being younger.  I was about to say one never gets accustomed to the hustle and bustle of Grand Central, but then I remembered being a commuter and realized one does.  Being a commuter on the Harlem line was a really interesting experience because of the uniformity in the men in suits.  No one talks on the morning train, but there is a little more freedom on the afternoon train.Grand-Central-Station-New-York-City

I met my friend Danielle at the clock in then center where hundreds of others were clumped…wait that’s wrong.  I actually met her at the track for our train the 5:51, we were going to Rye.  The train was packed, and I must say as I merrily recounted stories to Danielle, I hoped I was entertaining our silent fellow travellers…or at least not annoying them.  When we got up to Rye, it was really not as cold as I expected.  Thank God.

Rye (,_New_York) is the town where I went to school.  I never really knew it that well since the school is on a hill and set away from the rest of the town.  When I took a trip to Cape Cod earlier this year, it turned out my driver was from Rye.  He had had a job for awhile taking people’s boats from Rye up to Cape Cod for the summer (like on the ocean.)  Later he ran into his high school sweetheart visiting her mom in Rye and she had just gotten a divorce and now they’re married and live in Cape Cod.

  1. Rye is in northern Westchester.
  2. Rye contains Rye Playland, where Big was filmed.
  3. My friend Joanna used to argue with me that Rye was the richest town in Westchester.  (I had to support Scarsdale because of my geographical proximity.

At Rye we watched an entertaining video about our school and ate some really good food. Particularly good where the churros which tasted like rolled up waffles with sugar on top.