Carrefour is a supermarket. It’s a big chain that exists in other countries, too (not the US, though). Carrefour has some pretty good deals, and the quality of their food, the Carrefour brand, is quite high. Much higher than some of the other store brands. Leader Price for example, has great prices, but the food is disgusting. The stores are dirty and people come from off the street to pick at the fruit, “taste” the grapes (by the bunch), and then leave. I don’t mind buying stock things there, like sugar or milk , but whenever I try to buy real food products at Leader Price, they just sit in the fridge because I’m a little too grossed out to eat them. So, I prefer to go to FranPrix or Carrefour. The problem with Carrefour is that the big superstores are in the suburbs, not in the city. In the city they have Carrefour Market, which is an overpriced version of Carrefour with not even 1/8 of the selection.

The problem about getting out to the Carrefour at Auteuil (which is right across the street from Roland Garros), is that it’s a good 20 minutes from my house. There is about 10 minutes of walking involved, too. images-1The good news is that my mother recently purchased a shopping trolley for me. With this trolley I can get to the Carrefour in the outskirts of the city and buy a lot of groceries without having to schlep home 3 really heavy bags. I can get the extra heavy stuff (like sodas and fruit and yogurt), because everything will fit in the bag!

I went out there on Monday for the first time with my bag. With 40 euros, I was able to buy 2X as many groceries as I could buy at the Carrefour Market around the corner.

Hail the shopping trolley!!!