I think it’s fair to say that a big part of living in New York is always having the option of something to do.  If you’re not doing stuff with friends, you always have in the back of your mind like some thing you’ve been wanting to see/participate in forever.  In my case, the William Blake exhibit.

This week though I’ve had to stay in ostensibly to study.    I had to say no to a spur of the moment dinner, a spur of the moment birthday drinks and I’m about to cancel another dinner.  This leaves me with three social not work occasions this week–the Mad Men viewing, a bday party and a writing class I take.  Two of these occurred on Sunday.    One is supposed to take place on Saturday.  In August I tried an experiment where I didn’t go out during the week at all.  I definitely felt like I had way more time.  I’m thinking of making that experiment permanent except sometimes it’s just so much fun being spontaneous after work.

I feel like if I don’t enforce this rule though I start feeling like I don’t have enough time and I’m overwhelmed.  This is a common complaint among people in the city.  The fact is that it is very easy to find moments of  nothing-to-do.  You just have to relax and give up on the idea of accomplishing or doing certain things.  I’m a big proponent of just unwinding.  Sometimes if you go out and do something you end up talking and that’s exhausting.  Not just talking during but talking before and after.  Not to mention the tyranny of trying to schedule someone in to your full calendar.  There’s nothing more lame than making an appointment with a friend two weeks in advance.