One of my favorite things about living in New York is the kind of conversations you get to overhear.  I was walking down the street and I overheard a young hipster man say,

“I wasn’t f—ing partying, I took her out for two drinks and some falafel, that’s not f—ing partying.”

It’s really funny getting glimpses into people’s lives like that.  The other day I was walking down Rat Block (yes, apparently I’d rather risk encountering a rat than having to talk to the cart man) and I was behind a man and a woman talking about addictions and how cigarettes were the worse.

The most common conversation topics in New York are 1) real estate and 2) money.  Sometimes I feel I hear a lot of women on the phone constructing cases against people who are not acting according to their wishes.  The other day on the subway platform I heard some guys talking about their health care plan.  As I was walking to Rebecca’s yesterday I heard a man behind me say on the phone, “Oh that’s great, she’s cute.”  When he passed me since I was walking slowly as usual, I got a glimpse of him.  He looked like he was 19, very clean cut, corduroy pants.

This isn’t a conversation, but on my way back from Rye there was a middle-aged couple slumped on some chairs at the back of the car.  His tie was loose and he was chubby.  She was around the same age, blonde.  They both looked really happy and comfortable with one another and they walked off the train holding hands.

In terms of real estate, these conversations tend to be really boring.  I was in front of an Asian girl and a white guy the other day and he was saying something about having to pay more in rent and she thought he said less. She said, “That’s great!” and he still thought she understood him and went on for a second about how it really was great, even though he was paying more.  Then they clarified things.