I rode on the subways a lot this weekend.  I went to Washington Heights, Tribeca and 27th St.  The Washington Heights trip is a favorite because the subway is empty and there’s enough time to read.  I was reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  It’s almost worth reading just so you can say the title over and over again.  What a provocative image.

Being on the subway is like entering a sitcom.  I saw an overly friendly/possibly retarded many ask anyone who dared try to examine a subway map, “Where are you going?”  They’d say and he’d instruct them about the best possible way to get there.  In the Washington Heights station there are a lot of signs in Spanish.  I got off at 168th St., my magic number.  Every time I see that large and welcoming McDonald’s which is nearby, I’m really tempted to go in, but I think I’ve only entered once, with Ben.

I got on the subway at Columbus Circle because I was outside anyway, but on my way back, I realized I should probably get off at Columbus Circle too.  This is because all the trains closest to me are skipping the 50/49th st stops for the past few weeks.  This means I’m spending a lot of time in Times Square.  I don’t mind being in Times Square.  I have many fond memories of the Times Square station from my earlier years here.  There was one time my keys got stolen and I do relive the horror of that moment, but only in a reliving-the-though, not reliving-the-emotion kind of way.

The third trip, down to Tribeca, was a big of a challenge, because it was raining, hard.  I walked from my apartment to Times Square and kind of just gritted my teeth and bore it the whole time.  There’s just no shortcut when it rains.  No one is going to swoop down and pay for a cab, especially when you’re on your way out, not going home.  Anyway I ended up in Tribeca.  By the way I had a set of directions for when I got out in Tribeca and what I did was read these directions, and then repeat them to myself so I remembered them.  I did not have to look at the slip of paper repeatedly.  I did this because I knew I would not enjoy looking up and down in the rain.

We had dinner at Saluggi’s, a great pizza place that I highly recommend.
My next trip was to 28th St., the next day.  So by the time I walk down to Times Square, I am a twenty minute walk from 28th/7th (where I was going.)  Vs.  like an 8-12 minute subway ride.  But at this point, I was in the groove, getting used to taking the subway, feeling the love of the convenience of sitting, scoping out the people.  We may be unequal in lots of arenas in our lives, but on the subway, we are for one moment on the same playing field.

Anyway finally I walked home from 28th St.  It was super nice out, so there was no excuse.  They’re cleaning up the High Line near 34th St and the construction site that has been concealed from view for as long as I’ve been in my neighborhood due to water tunnel building is being dismantled.  I can’t believe it!  The city is seriously the biggest lesson always in how things are the same until one day they’re not.