We have a problem in New York.  We can’t see the sky.  When I visited Paris I was struck by how expansive I felt just being able to see the big space of blue above me.  Then I got back here and it was all over.


If I pull away from my own troubled thoughts and look around, the first thing I notice is how constrained my views are.  The sky is not really an option.  Framing any perspective are the two sides of a street with dark buildings lining them.  In the distance—people moving and tons of traffic lights.  At the end—a rectangle of blue sky that looks really far.


When I go out onto 10th, I do get a really good view of the sky above 34th.  How reassuring.


In my neighborhood, they fought to have a limit on building height (just like they do in Paris), but apparently it’s up for negotiation again.