Although I have been enjoying going to the big Carrefour with my trolley, as I explained in a previous post, I do sometimes have to go to the Carrrefour Market for a few items during the week (that extra soda, some english muffins, etc.) I noticed that on the wall they have a new guarantee. I have a feeling these types of deals are new in France, because this is the first time I’ve seen one so blatantly displayed in a store. Apparently, if there are two people in front of you, you can ask for another register to be opened. If the register is not opened in 3 minutes, you get 3 euros off your purchase.

Coincidentally, I waited 10 minutes last night to buy three things. There was one man counting pennies at his register and the other one was clearly a beginner, going reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally slooooooooow. Doing all those things that beginner cashiers do, laying out the bags nicely for the customer, slowly tearing the receipt and examining it before giving the customer the change, pausing between orders…all that stuff that infuriates you when you’re waiting for your turn on line. Anyway, this, compounded by the man counting the pennies (there were HUNDREDS because this went on for, at least 5 minutes) and the “cashier change” (during which the “beginner” was relieved) got me really irritated.

Then I saw the sign. Should I say something? Should I ask for another register to be opened? Nobody else was doing it, I thought, so maybe I shouldn’t either. Would the cashiers get angry at me and peg me as “that bitch who makes us open another register whenever we have to count our pennies”? I took me so long to decide that by the time it was my turn the super nice cashier made me feel bad about even considering the request.

Is that why they hang those things up? To make you feel like they are giving you options, when in reality they are saying, listen, don’t get in a huff, we’re doing the best we can? ‘ Talk about reverse psychology.

But maybe one day I’ll get up the courage to ask. And get 3 euros off my order. I just need to keep in mind that 3 euros is 5 dollars.