I want to an Indian restaurant on 53rd between 9th and 10th…possibly 54th.  Kirani.  Or something like that.  I’ve been to Kirani several times.   It’s always pretty empty.  I like a good empty restaurant.
Afterwards I looked at the Hudson River.  I did get involved with a Paris vs. New York argument.  One thing I’ve noticed about people is that they constantly relate everything in their lives back to another experience.  I notice this especially in my own conversation.  It started when I went to DC and Boston as a youngster and categorized them as “between New York and White Plains.”  Now the discussion was about the Seine vs. Hudson as I angrily commented on how I was able to walk right up to the Seine and how immense railings guard me from the Hudson.

Then it was pointed out that the Seine is a lot less scary than the Hudson…because it’s slimmer, less wavy etc.  My comparison was pretty unfair.

Then I actually ate a BiscoLatte, a biscotti place on 10th ave.  It was pretty much what I expected.  I’m not too into biscotti, but I’m glad I finally walked in after two years of distant interest in it.