I celebrated Halloween by joining a zombie chasing group that hunted for clues to discover the secret laboratory of Monsieur Aube, oncology researcher and master enigmist (if that’s a word).

Finding out of the ordinary, fun, interesting things do to shouldn’t be too hard in a city like Paris, but sometimes I feel like I’m doing the same activities over and over: bars, dinner parties, cafés, clubs, picnics, …same ‘ol same ‘ol. I’m actually really excited to have found a new activity: the scavenger hunt. I signed up for the hunt at ranvenchase.com , a company that organizes these kind of events all over (New York, Hawaii, Paris…) It wasn’t too expensive (23 euros) and it was much more fun than I imagined it would be. I met a few cool people and we even won the hunt! I have to say I was lucky to have gotten such a good team.

The game took us all over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th districts of Paris around the Chatelet / Bourse / Sentier / St. Michel métro stops. We had to use the visual clues given to find locations. At the locations, we would use more clues (monuments, words on buildings, etc.) to find the answers to logic puzzles. The answers were always scrambled, so we needed to figure out how to unscramble them. Finally, we figured out that the page with the clues about final meeting place had a map and that some of the scrambled words looked like the names of certain streets on the map. In the end we were able to figure out the words, which were really intersections and locations. The final location happened to be an intersection of all the locations we planted on the map. Whew! Long explanation, right? Well that’s how we felt when it was over. What a workout! But it was fun, even if it took us 5 hours to finish. We were one of the last teams to get to the secret location, but there was beer and food waiting there for us so it was OK. And we were actually the only team to figure out all the puzzle answers, so we won!

I’ve never done a scavenger hunt like this before, but I’d recommend it. Good fun.