Last night I walked home and crossed through Times Square. I was a little wary, but figured because it was Sunday night, it wouldn’t be that crowded. I was right. Times Square relatively empty, at night, is a fantastic place to be. The lighting is so vivid, and you see bright images everywhere of all the things that make up America: ads for New Moon, scrolling news, LG, Walgreens, Army signs. I passed by two Asian tourists taking pictures of their older Asian man fellow tourist eating, and then a European tourist crouched down with a big camera on a small tripod, zooming in on pigeons. The sense of arrival, of really being somewhere important and meaningful, is everywhere. I do have an automatic walking pattern through Times Square. I go where the MTV building used to be (not sure if they’re renovating or what), then cut through this split in the block dividing a theater from the Cheesecake Factory, then cross the street and cut through the parking lot of some hotel. I saw a lit up sign for Jude Law in Hamlet, right before that first cutting site. I remember when I first learned of Jude Law. He was in a play or movie, playing some possibly incestuous aristocrat. I don’t really remember much, but I saw a picture of him in Vanity Fair and put it in my scrapbook. judeI thought he was dreamy. Later, right before I went to Paris, I bought the Talented Mr. Ripley and while in Paris watched a lot of Jude Law movies. My adoration was really based firmly in his good looks. His acting skills never struck me as anything special. I also remember being disappointed because he left his wife and mother of three kids and was dating Sienna Miller. Since then he and Sienna have broken up and it seems like their romance was ages ago, but I remember strongly feeling like they were some kind of “done deal.” Of course, the big turning point with Jude came when the loss of his hair was way too visible, rendering him completely unattractive. He looks much more commonplace than I ever thought he could. I think he needed the full head of very blond hair to really be appealing to me. But seeing Jude and the changes he’s been through…Sienna, now having this child out of wedlock, losing his hair, a string of low-earning movies, mixed reviews for Hamlet. It’s hard to believe so much can happen in one life, but it does.