OK, I was going to go through my whole life in McDonald’s but I’m going to confine it to Manhattan.

1)  The McDonald’s on the corner of 27th and 6th where I went today and often went to lunch.  I associate this McDonald’s with the need to take a break from work.  I don’t know if I’ve ever gone there in a special moment where I really craved McDonald’s.  Usually I’m tagging along with Jen.  Jen has a great habit–she often doesn’t want to finish her fries.  I can really benefit from that.

2)  The Mcdonald’s on 42nd near Park and Grand Central.  Back when I was in college I got home by taking the train to Penn station and then getting on another train at Grand Central.  This was kind of a long boring trip, and I’d reward myself by getting supersized fries at this very clean, hospitable and busy McDonald’s.  It’s open all night.

3)  The McDonald’s between 49th and 50th on 9th.  My neighborhood McDonald’s.  Unfortunately does not have honey and is not 24 hours.  It also is not the cleanest and has poor service.  On New Year’s 07 Maya L. and I thought we’d go to this McDonald’s and ended up going to the McDonald’s…

4)In the fifties on 8th.  Clean, big, 24 hrs.

5) McDonald on 8th at 34th.  A two level, 24 hour McDonald’s, surrounded by air and low buildings.  It’s on my way home.  Several times I’ve treated myself to a full meal of chicken mcnuggets with fries and honey.  I’ve eaten it in total peace.

6) East Village McDonald’s near St. Mark’s Place.  My friend Carl worked there.  Maya remembers him.  He wasn’t really my friend, but we recognized one another.  Chrissy and I stopped here several time after some nights out, Phil and Ben and I stopped here once.  Eveline got a really weird ice cream cone here once.