I have these new students that live right outside of Paris. They live so close that yesterday I walked to their place from mine, which is inside of the city, in less than 15 minutes. It’s a pleasant walk: past the Indian restaurant, the skyscraper hotel Meridian, the track….over the bridge (under which sits the ‘périfique’ highway that circles the city) and right up to their cute little street that looks like it came out of a movie set.



Neuilly (pronounced “nurr-yee”) was once presented to me as “the Beverly Hills of Paris”. I agree, but I think it’s slightly less posh. There are a lot of wealthy people who live there, but the wealth seems somehow contained…maybe it’s the lack of huge mansions. Anyway, I like Neuilly because it’s spick and span and looks like it belongs on a postcard. There are perfectly manicured gardens, cute streets with stores with little entrances and conveniently placed dog poop trash cans. There is also a really nice public pool with a slide and a lawn that functions as a beach in the summer.

President Sarkozy once talked down a man that called himself the “human bomb”, saving the town’s schoolchildren from a dangerous hostage situation.

Unfortunately, I rarely see black people who are not nannies in Neuilly.