On Saturday I went to a cemetery.  Gate of Heaven which is in Valhalla (or maybe Hawthorne according to the web.)  I like going back to Westchester because I get to see the place where I grew up with new eyes.  It’s funny to remember how many things I thought of as normal and really, the foundations of the world, and to recognize them as things unique to one area.  Not that Westchester is a very unique.  Still there are some things I’m always struck by.

One is how the signage is constantly being refined and improved.  Much of Westchester is endless houses and one way residential roads that twist and turn and go up and down and are in general impossible to keep track of.  Neighborhood roads are clustered around themes–Presidents, Trees, Wars.  Street signs, along with street upkeep, clearly take up a lot of tax dollars.  Obviously, I’m generalizing.  I will say I noticed the signage improvement in Scarsdale–bigger letters.

The cemetery was on a really big hill and looked immaculate.  It’s strange that cemeteries are so empty when you think of the disruption and grief every death probably caused at one point.  There was a beautiful lake dotted with leaves.  Although cemeteries are quiet and missing the energy of anxious alive people, I have never found them to be peaceful places.  I guess I feel the headstones and mausoleums somehow impede any chances for actual peace, not because they inspire negative or painful thoughts, but just because they actually physically block the eye and fee.  Actually headstones seem like great opportunities to really remember someone and add some personality, but in most cases they seem to just drive home how equal and similar everyone is.