Les grèves are the worst thing about living in Paris. A socialesque country like this one REALLY likes to have strikes. All the time. Transit strikes, dairy farmers strikes, airplane pilot strikes, teachers strikes, STUDENT strikes (which are the ones that get really ridiculous). I think it’s great they have the right to strike. But sometimes they take it too far. Today’s transit strike wasn’t bad at all compared to other ones I’ve gone through. I only had to wait an hour for the train from the suburbs back into Paris. I wasn’t on too tight a schedule, so it was OK. And the rest of the metro system was working, so that was good, too. It seems like most people drove in or took buses and then the metro, so the train wasn’t packed with people and I actually got to sit down on the way there and on the way back! Amazing. I wish all strikes could be this peaceful.metro432

The funny thing is I think I’m finally getting used to it. As soon as I got to the train station and I saw there were no trains listed on the screen, I just sat down with everyone else and figured one would be here sometime within the next hour. No panic. . . No tantrum . . . no rant about the French system. I entertained the idea of taking a few buses into the city and then the metro, but then I realized that the line that was on strike went directly to where I needed to go, so I decided to forget the hustle and bustle I would go through taking 2 or 3 buses and then two metros…I just accepted the fact that I was powerless, and I sat and waited.