My preferred Food Emporium is on 43rd St and 10th Avenue.  It is located in the apartment complex that is some sort of housing especially for artists*, low-income people, whatever.  All I know is the people who tend to live in the apartments are families that don’t look rich but are white.  Anyway I’ve purchased some plants at the food emporium, and my visits there are often in the morning when it is nice and empty.

This morning I purchased part skim mozzarella, rotini and oatmeal.  I don’t think they had fully stocked for the day as I had to get a bigger than usual package of mozzarella and the sugary flavored oatmeal instead of the fruity oatmeal.

I went up to the checkout counter and noted that Angelina and Brad still aren’t getting along.  My cashier lady was young.

*One of the most fun things about living in HK is overhearing conversations about theater by actors or other people involved in the stage.