Last night before I left work, I read T.’s twitter post that she was going to have some activities involving yoga and Otis Redding. My activities were different: drinks with a friend. I got to the bar early, sat in a chair with a (mostly finished) beer in front of it and a jacket slung around the back. I did not notice the jacket and sat in the chair. Its occupant returned from the bathroom and graciously took the chair next to me.

He was a guy in his mid thirties, heavy set with glasses. The bartender mentioned to him, “God must be testing me today.” She was in her late forties, with really cute jeans on and messy stringy hair. “I meditated,” she said. “But it’s not helping.”

I felt awkward sitting next to the man without making conversation. So I started talking, and he told me he goes to the bar to decompress after work. Once he came in and a co-worker was there. He had to turn around to walk out. The man also had an appointment at 8 that he was really dreading. Then on Sunday he has to go out of town for a work event. He was pretty bleak, but in an accepting way.

He left and my friend came. We had a good time and afterwards I took the blue line home. I got on the A and took it to 42nd St. On my way up, I was sitting across from a girl with a huge pink rolling tote bag/suit case who was talking very loudly (clearly wanting to be heard) about how she wanted to be in school and you know, escape the real world for awhile longer. Yawn. Standing by the pole were two white guys, one who had recently lost/quit his job. His friend kept commenting how at peace he seemed with the whole thing.

When I got out at 42nd St, I had to get real. Was it worth it to wait for the possible C/E that I had seen no sign of while on the A? I decided not. I went up the stairs and started walking underground to 43rd St. As I walked I heard some music performers on the platform start to sing “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay.” I slowed down and listened for five seconds. Then I heard the train coming, so I went downstairs, listened to the guys a few seconds more, then got on the E.

Aftewards I went to Duane Reade, I really wanted Hot Tamales, but they didn’t have any. So I got Terra Chips.