Most people know that if I have the choice, I usually choose in. Especially in the winter in Paris. It’s not entirely unpleasant, especially on the warmer days, but in general staying in with some hot tea with milk or a book or a movie or a good IM chat or phone conversation is fine with me.

Tonight I briefly considered going out to the movies and seeing 2012, which I would like to see. But then I realized I could save the $15  and just find it online. I have something I think might be a really good copy downloading, but it might be a fake. Let’s hope it’s the real thing. To gear myself up for the movie, I’m watching the discovery channel mini-series called Nostradamus.

Some people think I’m crazy for staying in, especially when I live in a city like Paris. But I didn’t go out that much when I was in New York or New Jersey, and don’t we really just revert to our old ways, even if we live in exciting places?