Let me put it out there  One of my least favorite conversational threads are when people make sweeping generalizations about places in an attempt to define themselves.  Brooklyn is one off the most powerful examples of this.  It is a huge place with a lot of different areas but many people move to Brooklyn and feel the need to constantly extoll, describe and analyze it, in no small part due to some sort of strange complex about Manhattan. 

I don’t blame them.  I DON’T understand why some people in Manhattan feel the need to make long comments about how they never go to Brooklyn.  It’s really weird.  Clearly they are pulling these kind of comments off of Sex and The City and other popular media, yet they recite these statements as if they are truly coming from some unique place inside them. 

That said, I go to Brooklyn a fair amount.  And I am always having trouble navigating it. It is frustrating coming from the grid to a place with lots of word names and where the subway stops are further spread apart.


Today I got off at Carroll St instead of Bergen St.   I bought cheap wafers ffor the dinner I was going to, feeling broke but wanting to buy something.  Then I just got more expensive looking cookies from another storer.  I couldn’t bring myself to show up with those lame wafers.