On Wednesday I had the privilege of seeing New Moon.  In my relentless efforts to conserve funds, I haven’t gone out to see a movie in some time.  Besides between the Internet and Mad Men, I feel like I spend enough time staring at screenes.

But citygoing in New York is something I really enjoy.  It’s almost as good as moviegoing. 1) There is always a theater nearby 2) Whenever I see a movie it tends to be crowded 3) The crowds are often pretty vocal about their opinions. 4) Stadium seating (this might be universal at this point.)

This wasn’t a normal crowd.  It was for the publishing people affiliated with the Twilight series.  Nevertheless they delivered with the reactions.  I was really disappointed because there weren’t trailers, my favorite part of the movie.

Afterwards I walked home.  I’m a fan of walking up the East side.  It feels civilized.