I’m sitting in a hotel breakfast room in Monaco.

I’m here because I have a fencing tournament. I’ve been here before, so it’s not too big of a trip for me. Monaco is actually very close to Paris-1 hour by plane. Actually, Nice is 1 hour from Paris. I took the bus from Nice to Monaco…it was a nice scenic 30 minute ride and the driver dropped me off right in front of the hotel.

I’m picky about hotels. I have bugs, foreign hairs, nail clippings….basically anything that reminds me that other people have once slept in the room. This hotel is CLEAN! So I’m very happy. The staff is nice and the price isn’t so bad for where we are. I remember staying at another hotel called “Hotel Verseilles” a few years ago. It wasn’t happy and felt icky the entire time. So, I’m happy to pay an extra 15 euros to stay in this one and be in a comfortable, clean place!

There is nothing special about Monaco, but there are some interesting things I’ve noticed:

1. They have flags everywhere

2. There are an inordinate amount of car dealerships

3. There are a lot of tall women with long dark hair and a lot of little girls with long dark blonde hair tied back with scrunchies

4. There are a fair amount of minorities…well, more than I expected

5. The city sits on a cliff, so everywhere you look you have a view of the Mediterranean

6. There are lots of different languages being spoken and everyone seems to know at least a little bit of each one