I took the A Train today.  But it was running local.  Do you know what that makes it to ME.  The C train.  But the MTA does not share my preferences.  So I boarded the A trainat 50th St. It was crowded and remained so until approximately 14th St.  Nevertheless I held on to an overhead bar the whole time.  I don’t know why.  It was kind of some sick show of athletic ability.  I don’t really work out much.  I convinced myself I was doing it “just because” or maybe so the other people in the train could freely use the more comfortable pole running from the ceiling to the floor of the car.  But honestly I think I was just a little convinced for whatever reason that I was no longer capable of transferring smoothly from the overhead to the center pole.  Like I would trip or something in the process.

I read Anna Karenina and it was gooood.  I am digging it so much.  Love and nobility!  Affairs!  People with long fingernails.

So afterwards I took the A from Clinton-Washington back to 50th St and I sat next to some French tourists.  I find French a lot easier to understand when I am in an English speaking country and they are the freaks.  Anyway I think I helped them out a little by telling them to transfer at Times Square.  Later this child who was staring at a balloon toy belonging to another older, heavier child, got the balloon toy–because the other kid had like two.  She didn’t seem to know what to do with it when she had it.  The French man announced she was scared.  She might have been scared because she sensed she had all the attention of the French people who were photographing her.