The métro isn’t so bad here in Paris, and in some ways it is better than the subway in New York. The métro definitely smells better (well, when it doesn’t smell like urine or vomit), it’s cleaner, it runs faster and you’re provided with signs that tell you when the next train is coming. Unfortunately, there are a fair amount of strikes, and during these times it’s horrible. Anyway, the métro isn’t half bad. Keep in mind that the RER (regional line) is another story. These trains are much dirtier and tend to be late a lot and are generally unpleasant to ride in. On the métro you’ll find the occasional gross thing, a tissue, a spilled coke…but the RER is a totally different level of grossness. There are wads of spit, booger-filled or bloody tissues, popcicle sticks, orange peals, chicken bones….Plus, the RER trains are huge double deckers with fabric seats and windows that barely open, so the smells tend to linger.