Today while walking to work two notable things happened.

One, I passed by a gas station where two drivers were in a vicious yet pathetic verbal argument.  “Your mother is a bitch!” “No your mother is a bitch!” “Asshole!” “Goddamnit.”  They were separated by several…whatever you call those things that pump gas, so they had to keep yelling.

Second, as I walked through the flower district a guy started calling out, “Wallet with money!  Wallet with money!  I give you the wallet, you give me the money!  No pleather, only leather!  No pleather only leather!”

I went to a diner last night.  I really enjoy diners.  I had scrambled eggs and toast (notice a pattern…a FIVE POINT PATTERN.)  The diner I went to is called Market Diner and is on 11th avenue and the food is excellent.  They even serve like bread on the table (free.)  Pita and a dip that tasted mildly fish to me (not good.)  I like diners because 1) free coffee refills 2) fast service 3) relatively cheap food.  I also like places where I can seat myself.