Last time I got off at High Street, I meant to get off in Manhattan and ended in this Amazing Race to get back to the center island and then to its tip to take the ferry to Governor’s island.

The time before that I got lost and circled a building still under construction assuming it was my destination.

Last night, things were different.  I reached the destination smoothly then walked over the bridge with two friends.  We ended up at a gathering in the East Village. * On the way home I overheard a guy saying “What happened to that girl?  She was nibbling on your ear?”  “She wasn’t nibbling on my ear!” His friend replied.  “I think I would know if something as intimate as ear-nibbling was happening.”

I got on the subway (N) and took it to 49th St.  Times Square was empty.  No one was picking through the dumpster in front of the Food Emporium.  I was even able to jaywalk Seventh Avenue.

Happy Thanksgiving!  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for, and the means and time to write random crap on the Internet are two of them.

*I went to Sing Sing and they didn’t have my hoodie.  I did see their huge bag of crap people leave behind.  Someone left their pea coat at Sing Sing.