I went to Burlington for the holidays, but I really didn’t observe much about it so I decided instead to write abut TV.  Here are the TV shows I watched:  TOUGH LOVE, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, SCHMAATA, CALIFORNICATION, HOARDERS, JOY BEHAR INTERVIEW WITH LARRY DAVID.
Tough Love is a reality show featuring a matchmaker assisting women who are having difficulty meeting men.   I found something strangely compelling about the matchmaker, a white guy in his late thirties whose use of profanity seemed really unnatural.  Does this mean I found his assessment of the women and their problems particularly adept?  Not exactly.  I mean his advice was ok, but the series of exercises the producers gave these women were really boring.  They had to write on mannequins the characteristics of their ideal men.  They had to speed date a bunch of guys.  Whatever.  These houses they put reality contestants in seem like torture chambers.  Single beds.

Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Larry David is the love of my life, undeniably, even coming before James Franco, and definitely before any real life people.  However, Curb was weird.  There was a lot of cursing and arguing and too much plot.  It is a lot like late season Seinfeld, sort of devouring itself.  Still, Larry David is superfunny.

Josie and the Pussycats.  I read somewhere (Onion AV Club) that this was some sort of crazy good satire of capitalism and the music industry.  While it had its moments, it was actually really boring.

Schmata or Schmaata.  Documentary about the garment industry.  I thought this was going to be insightful but it wasn’t really.  If anything, it made me appreciate that what seem like the good old days (post WW II boom years) were just brief sidesteps in capitalism’s campaign to destroy the worker.  Also there were a lot of shots of various machines that make clothes that were super super awesome.  There was something very cursory feeling about the whole thing.  I felt it was big on personal anecdotes that were supposed to represent a whole historical phase, but I felt like I was missing parts of the picture.
Californication:  David Duchovny.  An old favorite.   This is pretty much just the alternate dream life David Duchovny had and if you were ever an X-file fan and pored through tons of clips and transcripts of his interviews, you probably suspected as much.  He’s an interesting guy, and I appreciate him although sometimes he seems like a frat boy in an intellectual’s trappings.

Hoarders.  Wow.  What a great way to wrap up Thanksgiving.  Rotting food.  Kids crying because their junk is being thrown out.  A sticky thing with dead flies coating it.  Hoarding is a big, telegenic problem in America, and I’m glad I know more about it.
Joy Behar interview with Larry David.  Wow.   Larry David is seriously four hundred times more awkward in person than he is on his improv show.  Still love him.