I saw ska being performed last night.  Maya L. told me I should get my backpack out.  I learned however that there are many different facets to the ska scene, not all of it is teeny boppers.

Afterwards I took the L back into Manhattan.  I was at the Montrose stop and this agitated, younger white guy was pacing. It’s interesting how crazy people always want to talk.  He said, “This is the Manhattan side, right?”  “Yes,” I said.  I looked right where a bunch of women were sitting together on a wooden bench then left, where further down were empty seats.  I sat in the empty seats and took out Anna Karenina and read about how great it was to mow lawns.  Then I saw a movement out of the corner of my left eye.

That’s right.  There was a rat on the platform.  I got up quickly and rushed down to the other end.  The crazy guy saw me and said, “Do you know when the train is coming, there’s no countdown.”  “No,” I said.

The train came and I got into Manhattan.  Rebecca and Alex told me I needed to stop taking the L to the blue line and take it to the yellow line instead because the yellow trains came more often.  I sat waiting for a yellow train for about ten minutes next to a lady whose homelessness I could not determine.  She was sleeping and when the train came I wondered if I should wake her up.  Of course I said nothing.  Times Square was really empty again.  People are still out of town.