OK, I know I’m deviating from the original mission of the blog but I must say this weekend, after ska and eating out, I just decided to stay in. I cleaned my apartment, made an awesome collage, devoured leftovers, and put in a lot of time with Youtube. I also finished the writing assignment which I’ve had a deadline for each of these past three weeks. All in all, it was the perfect weekend. I debated methods of informing the world about my joy—twitter, FB, gchat status update? I employed all these methods.

At the same time, I did not accomplish a lot of things. I did not write my grandfather. I did not finish reading some splendid manuscripts. I did not finish writing a splendid manuscript.

One things certain: life led me to intersect with a terrific movie on Sunday. The Proposal. Starring a very lean Sandra Bullock and this guy, Ryan Reynolds, I only saw the first half of the movie but I could see, this, was a great romantic comedy, a genre I find myself more and more accepting of, as long as the comedy is kept to a maximum and the couple is separated for as long as possible.

I never really understood why people thought Ryan Reynolds was attractive. But he was funny, and then in one scene, he took his shirt off. What a month it’s been for shirtless men. And this one wasn’t born in 1992! He also had a “quirky” charm that contrasted nicely with his mainstream physical attractiveness.

I watched with my neighborhood friend which is a great way to segue into how wonderful it is to have a neighborhood friend, especially one who has a TV and dvds like The Proposal. This enabled me to watch the Proposal but then almost immediately be back in my apartment, staring at the computer and googling random things for the article. Also I bought blue Terra chips and Snapple on my travels from my apartment to hers and back again. Sometimes I get tired of sitting on the subway, observing people on long trips to Brooklyn, then dealing with the inevitable disorientation at getting out at those stops, frantically looking for the skyline. Sometimes I just want to mingle with the loud hordes of tourists/barhoppers/pretheaterdiners on 9th Ave.

Also, I forgot to mention I found a dollar the other day. I never find bills. It was on the street. Everyone was crossing. I made a show of pretending I really wanted to figure out who dropped the dollar and give it back to them. But it was clear to everyone watching that this would be impossible to figure out.

Just another day in the city.