I attended trivia night at 1020 bar. This is near Columbia. There were a lot of bearded men in the bar. I guess you would say this was a dive bar. It was dark and the questions were read aloud by a jokey man. You wrote your answers down on a page with three columns of lines. There were three categories of questions. When you were done writing them down, you scored another team’s sheet which provided a great opportunity to see where you’d gone wrong.

We tied for third then lost the tiebreaker. One of the people I was playing with had a lot of tattoos on his forearms, but I was unable to figure out what they meant, although of course I immediately asked, “Do you have literary tattoos?”

Afterwards I had a pleasant walk home with a friend. I’ve actually made this walk a number of times now (Columbia to Hell’s Kitchen.) I can’t say the change of scenery is that exciting, but at least there’s room on the sidewalk.

Anyway this was my first city trivia night and as games for adults go, I thought it was orderly, well-run, and fun, and it was nice to sit side by side with other human beings. Also even though I didn’t get much trivia, I didn’t feel it was difficult, made-me-feel-dumb trivia, so I recommend it on that account alone.