Faaaaaaaaade into you.

So last night I participated in an event that made me feel like I was on that show I saw over Thanksgiving–speed dating.  This was definitely a fun way to meet people although as one speed datee and I concluded, it felt basically the same as any social event with tons of people you don’t know and for me, it ended as those do, huddled in a corner with friends, complaining about life and admiring Battlestar Galactica.

The event took place at a bar decorated with birch trees in the west village.  Since Rita moved I don’t really go down to the West Village.  It was cool to be back, though the rain put a “damper” on things.  Here are some interesting things I learned while speed dating:

1) shrooms were banned in Amsterdam because a French guy jumped out of a building and killed himself while high (or “tripping.”)

2) Limewire employees don’t illegally download.

3)headhunters are really bored at their jobs.

4) A curlyhaired Frenchman agreed with Maya L. about strikes, not liking to work, but disagreed about cheating.

5) DT is extremely picky, but I will give anyone a second chance while also secure in the knowledge a third chance is highly unlikely.

6) The choice of Lee in a business suit for a BSG calendar was a bad one!