America is fully of mediocre restaurants. Paris is full of mediocre ones too, but they’re not usually as mediocre as the American ones. But for some reason the first thing I wanted to do when I got to Pittsburgh was eat some greasy, fatty American food. And I had some, too. A giant tuna melt and BBQ chips from the bagel store and fries and banana cream pie from Houlihans….

The fries were great, so was the tuna sandwich. The pie wasn’t so great, but the white chocolate shavings on it were spectacular. The prices were also spectacular, which I really appreciated.

Today it’s off to the mall so I can get my SAD lamp! I’m also going to try to find Target so I can stock up on shredded wheat and microwavable popcorn.

I don’t feel the desire to see the city….I competed yesterday and just want to shop today and tomorrow, if places are open. I heard this is a pretty interesting place, though. Apparently there are a fair amount of artists.. . I like the feel of the downtown, too. It’s like I would have imagined it to be 100 years ago. A train that runs along the river, restaurants and bars in between the river and a mountain (which has a church on the top). And people a milling around outside of Macys waiting for the bus.

I stayed at the Westin for two night and tonight I’m moving to the Omi, a beautiful hotel that looks like the lobby of a really, really classy hotel. There is a 30 foot Christmas tree, a grand piano, multiple bars and lounges and smartly dressed people.