OK, it’s time for a more traditional post.  This entry is about dogs.  Every day on my walks to and from work, I see scores of people walking their dogs.  A lot of times they’re walking two dogs.  I look at dogs with a fond eye.  They seem so loving and enthusiastic about life.

I like watching two people walking dogs who let their dogs greet one another while standing by holding leashes and not interacting with one another or commenting on the activity of the dogs.

Sometimes I don’t like it when a dogwalker keeps walking ahead of me then falls behind because of the dog, then walks ahead of me again.  I feel they’re crowding up my segment of sidewalk.


There’s a white, middle-aged homeless woman who warbles and screeches across from the post office on 9th avenue, on the block with the PBS building.  She’s always really bundled up and usually has a male companion and sometimes she sounds like she’s on death’s door.