I have my fair share of experiences getting my eyebrows waxed/threaded in the city.  I’d like now to impart my wisdom.

I used to get them threaded on sixth avenue, around 24th and 25th.  I’d walk up these stairs into a big open room devoted solely to threading.  During threading you have to put your hands around your brown and stretch your skin taut.  Then an Indian lady swoops in and starts cleaning it out.  The process is painful, the product is good, the service is cheap.  I was supposed to be keeping track on this card so on the 10th time I’d get, I’d get a free one, but I never did.

The next place I go to is waxing at this place near the restaurant Olana on Madison Avenue.  This place is expensive, but I like it because it’s convenient and usually not busy.  I no longer do threading because I don’t want to undergo the torture and I don’t feel like it takes much work for my eyebrows to be in a “good shape–” there’s a lot of material to design with.  Basically what I look for is someone who won’t start plucking like a madwoman.  I like it when the wax is hot and the job is basically done after four pull-offs (undersides and tops of brows.)