Looks like the Parisians might get their white Christmas! Everything looks really beautiful, but unfortunately the snow (along with the strike) is making transportation out to the suburbs – where i practice and teach – very complicated. Travel time his doubled since the drivers of the express line are striking for around 150 EUROS more a month in pay. Insane.

Anyway, I’ll have to say goodbye to Paris and hello to New York since I’m going to spend the holidays in the States. I’m going to arrive armed with all my gifts, which I got over here. I might have spent a little bit more on them, but the idea of braving the cold and holiday shoppers next week deterred me from waiting until the last minute, which is what I usually do. Anyway, Monday I’m off on my 10:30am continental flight to Newark. I’m happy it’s Continental because I would really like a new choice of videos, Delta’s December videos are pretty bad!

Once there, I’m going to be going to the process of getting a new visa called “compétences et talents” which is for athletes, musicians, artists and people who want to do special projects in France. I have my frist meeting at the consulate on Tuesday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…